Our team at East Coast Bengal Rescue is led by professionals who love the Bengal breed and everything they have to offer. We are a non profit volunteer-based rescue organization dedicated to rescuing Bengal and other hybrid domestic cats. 

What We Do

Our Team works with a large and ever-growing network of Fosters, Transporters, Adopters, and Veterinary professionals. We address all challenges head-on; there simply isn’t a challenge we haven’t faced and resolved for a Bengal cat and their owners. We’re here for each Bengal who needs us, as well as the humans who hope to understand them better.

Bengal cats are advertised as energetic cats who have a “wild look.” Unfortunately, many Bengal Cat owners are ill-prepared to meet their needs, so they often end up in rescue (see our page “ Adopting Your First Bengal?“).

Education is Key

Our Team is committed to educating Bengal owners, so that the owners can keep their Bengal in their home. If the owners are unable to follow our supportive guidelines, we will match the cat with a more suitable family (see our page  Rehome for more information).

Quite often, Bengals are in jeopardy of losing their homes, due to litter box avoidance. But the reality is, most of these cases are caused by human neglect / poor litter box maintenance. If you are experiencing litter box avoidance issues with your Bengal, please read our informative article: Litter Box Issues.

Ultimately, it is our goal to ensure that no Bengal ends up in a Shelter. Bengals at shelters always end up being adopted out to the next unprepared family. As a result, this always repeats the cycle and re-traumatizes the cat.

Our Team Can Help

If you are facing a challenge with your Bengal – we’re the group to call. If you want to adopt a Bengal – we’ll “match you” with the right Bengal. Bengals are NOT one size fits all. Each Rescue Bengal has specific needs and wants. We work to learn about them so that when we match them to their forever family, they never return to Rescue again.

We hope to serve you as a lifelong resource for your Bengal. No challenge is insurmountable!

Our Team Is Awesome

President, Treasurer, Founder

Erik Crowell

Erik got his start rescuing bengals after being introduced to the breed and spending years getting acquainted with them through owning several bengals. Self-admittedly never a “cat person” prior to adulthood, he fell in love with the breed and cats. He grew his understanding of bengals and turned it into a passion. Erik, in addition to operating and founding this rescue organization, is an ethical Bengal breeder and registered with TICA. Through his cattery, he meets a large amount of individuals becoming acquainted with the breed and helps them along their journey. Through cat shows and rescue events, our network is always growing. 

Erik has a technical background, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and Cyber Security. He is scheduled to complete his MBA in 2023. 

Vice President, Co-Founder, Social Media Director

Hannah Williams

About me

Hannah’s been in love with Bengals since she first encountered one. She has been involved in various small business enterprises and brings valuable personal and professional experience to our organization. As a healthcare worker and avid animal lover, she spends her time taking care of others. Hannah is scheduled to receive her RN in 2023. 

Board Secretary, Social Media Assistant, Adoptions Specialist

Cheyanna Smithers

About me

Cheyanna has been involved with multiple animal rescues and rescued many herself over the years. She brings years of social media and animal welfare knowledge to our organization.